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Gough Hill Road
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Gough Hill Road

SPACE PLANNING in the course of living is not to be set by the design style but
could become an opportunity to indulge in a kind of relaxed formality where the
users could feel liberated from ordinary responsibilities.

The creation of the appropriate order was thus the first setting of the day.

The three levels of plans begin at the entrance porticle. The high ceiling embodies
a light-giving space, ensuring maximum light and air receptance. The living room
floor will full height windows all around, was designed to impress as living on the
patio and verandah.

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The upper levels continue to evocatively design the spaces overlooking and reaching out to the air and view beyond by French doors and balconies.


The central bay is proportionally wider signifying its prominence as the anchoring focus with the lesser important suites and drawing rooms on its sides, attached by on-suite bathrooms and service kitchens.

The pleasing proportion, the open plan, the shades and lights along the verandahs endowed the mansions with great classical dignity.


The building when lit up dazzles amidst the filtering blaze of lights.

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understated and unobtrusive. No polished chromes, stainless steel, or glitzy glass
here. Much of the complex is protected by trees, ferns and flowering plants. The
slate tiled roofs of the three storey buildings, the lime-stoned tiled courtyards and
simple white walls creating a satisfying contrast to the lush greenery. The strongest
statement is the dazzling white façade of the building with its confidence and pleasing
interpretation of formal classicism.

Represented by a style with emphasis on personal, serene and refined, Gough Hill
is aristocratic without pomposity, symmetry without being forced, elegant without
over-dressed. The architecture is disciplined and unaffected. Instead of excessive
decoration, the work expresses the beauty of purity and fine proportion.

THE ELEMENTS OF GOUGH HILL STYLE is a quintessentially Hong Kong blend
of old and new, East and West, heritage and high tech. It is infused with life in a
manner that honours its past and tradition as much as it suits the present. The
quality of timelessness is evident throughout the complex: in the lush gardens,
generously proportioned rooms the shady verandahs...

But as one sits as dusk falls on one of Gough Hill's verandahs, preferably with a
chilled Martini in hand, and listen carefully, one can still hear the wind through the
palms and the century of style the Peak carries within her walls.

Block B, 10 Shouson Hill Road, Hong Kong. (R.B.L. No. 857 R.P.)

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