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The Broadway, Wanchai

This project is a successful example of how renovation can contribute to urban renewal by transforming the originally run-down building into a dignified one.

The original building design was driven by the need to meet the market demands of the past. Spaces were created with the minimum requirements to conform to government rules.

Taking advantage of the building’s past, site location and its history of habitation, the outcome of the metamorphosis is a glamorous building portraying to a successful adaptation from its past.

To accomplish this change a major facelift was exercised.

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A new limestone cladding was added. 

Large bush-hammered panels, divided by natural finished panels, together form a composition that is both natural and calming. 

The building elevation has three distinct parts, the crown, the main tower, and the podium.


The crown enhances the tower by lights hidden in the soffit. 

Careful detailing incorporating aluminium gives the edges of overhangs a clean and light finish, contrasting to the the heavy edges given by the stonework. 

The podium windows are fitted with glass parapets and fully operable folding French windows, enabling diners to have closer contact with the street life.


It gives restaurants full advantage of natural ventilation and lighting, allowing a unique dining experience.

image - part 1-09.jpg

To improve proportions, windows were combined to produce a rectangular shape, accentuating the verticality of the building.


Aluminium rods mounted at the bottom of every rectangle, highlight the facade with light and shadow.

image - part 1-08.jpg
At night the glowing entrance is like a magnet to the eye.

A tranquil setting evoking the nostalgia of 1960s New York,
right in the heart of bustling Wan Chai. 

Proposed Renovaiton Works at Wing On Central
Building, 26 Des Voeux Road Central, H.K.

Chinachem Agencies Ltd.

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Proposed Renovation to Asian House (I.L. 7752),
No.1 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, H.K.

Chinachem Agencies Ltd.

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Proposed Bridge Connection at 88 Gloucester Road

CSI 資本策略投資有限公司

Feasibility Pedder Building Development, H.K.
Proposed Commercial Building at Nos. 32-40 Yiu Wa Street, H.K.

CSI Investment Ltd.
No.1 Castle Road, Hong Kong
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PCPD 8F Cyberport 2
Pacific Century Development 2.png
Beijing commercial 2.png
Beijing commercial 2.png
Beijing commercial 2.png
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General Aviation Center

Hometown Group
International Jewellery Cultural Innovation Center

ShenZhen Western International Jewellery City
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